Copy written by a professional real estate copywriter
is 5 times more likely to gain a consistent click-through rate.

Keep Agents Doing What They Do Best – Research has shown that some real estate agents can spend anything from 15 to more than 60 minutes writing advertisements for some properties. In this time they could have made anything from 2 to 8 phone calls, or spent valuable time with customers. Is this the most efficient way for your agents to be spending their time?

Consistent and Professional Copy Across All Listings – If you have more than one agent working for your agency, then having each agent write their property copy will mean that each property is presented differently. Utilising a professional real estate copywriter will guarantee that your unique brand message and style is maintained throughout the copy. Each property can be created to a specific, and powerful template, presenting a highly professional and consistent image across all the company’s listings.

Support Your Brand – Writing compelling copy that matches your company brand, and stands out from the crowd takes time and skill. A professional copywriter will know the key points to accentuate for each property, write content that is concise and targeted, and ensure it conforms to the rules of your real estate agency. A great copywriter will build a partnership with your company to ensure that what you get is perfect. If not, then they will keep working on the content until it is.

Value For Money – considering the amount of time it takes a real estate agent to potentially write effective copy (and the amount of angst writing copy can cause), the opportunity lost in having them waste time on something that will cost a relatively small amount for a big result is easy to justify.

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