Real Estate Property Copywriting – A Vital Element In Property Marketing.


Did you know that real estate property copywriting was recently identified as a highly important part of a realtor’s property marketing tools?  National property photography company, Top Snap, recently asked over 600 Australian Real Estate agents their views on property marketing. Findings revealed that at least 65% of respondents found property copywriting to be an important part of successfully marketing a property along with good photography.

Exploring their preferences further, the survey identified preferred marketing mediums as, in descending order, brochures and agency websites,, signboards, online listing sites, local newspapers, letterbox drops, window displays and Facebook was also considered significant, with 63% of real estate agents listing properties on Facebook and 36% using Twitter. As effective real estate property copywriting is a vital element within these mediums, a copywriter with a background in real estate copy is important.

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