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A Satisfied Customer Is Our Copywriting Guarantee

The core principle of good business is to recognise that your customers are your lifeblood. BeWrite Business Writing & Marketing Group build their copywriting business around being excellent at what they do and ensuring the customer experience is the best it can be.

BeWrite Guarantees To Deliver Their Best Possible Result, Everytime.

Below is some feedback that we have received from our valued customers.

  • Starr Partners Real Estate
  • Raine & Horne Annandale: Tina O’Connor
  • North West Physiotherapy: Roger McIntosh
  • BOUNCE back Classes: Trish Wisbey-Roth
  • Professional Performance Specialists: John Davie
  • Van Mal Group Construction: Carla Van Mal
  • Good Reading Magazine: Rowena Cseh
  • Parramatta’s Best Cars & 4WDS: Paul Behn
  • Itouch Australia: Tim Pagram
  • Virtual Headquarters: Michael Davison
  • Square Edge Design: Gil Gurbalkan
  • Total Books Bookkeeping Services: Michael Barilla
  • Mosent Pocket Size Spray Disinfectant: Peter Rae

Starr Partners Group

“Starr Partners Merrylands, Pemulwuy and Wentworthville have a very high turnover of properties each month. Therefore, we have a huge need for copywriting of the highest standard to be delivered on time. BeWrite are experienced writers for our local market with the depth and resources to deliver written copy and other marketing support at short notice as needed. Their staff also attend our weekly property van to inspect and experience each property for themselves. This process has enabled BeWrite to effectively become part of our team while giving their writers a great feeling for what the sales people and vendors want to say about each property. The results have been outstanding with the added benefit of freeing our sales team from ad writing so they can focus on listing and selling property. BeWrite now assist our agency with much of our vendor and agency marketing when needed. I’d recommend Bevan and the BeWrite team to any high performing real estate agency.” Phillip Starr, Director, Starr Partners.

“We used to write our own copy, but found the process took the focus away from our sales reps with them wasting too much time on advertising writing, rather than property sales. Bevan and the BeWrite team write consistent and powerful copy that is perfect for our local market and gives our ads the best chance to sell. There is never an issue with re-writing or changing content to match our needs. Having someone else we can trust to do the job right every time means that the whole sales team now has more time and energy to stay focussed on what matters most to us, property sales.” Matt Carpenter, Associate Director, Starr Partners Pemulwuy.

Raine & Horne Annandale

I decided to look into using a professional copywriter to free up more time and to take the stress out of listing properties and having to worry about descriptions, etc.  I contacted Bevan from BeWrite who was very helpful and presented me with the different options. I explained what I needed and he prepared something to suit my exact needs. It was a very simple and stress free process. I sent him the properties photography and the main points we needed to include, he made a call to our vendor (as directed by me) to discuss the important features with her, and less than 24 hours later he sent me the complete copy for Internet, print advertising, brochures, editorials. I simply passed it all to the sales support staff to implement. It was so simple and easy, freeing up my time for the important things a Real Estate Agent should be doing which are listing, selling and negotiating. I’m delighted with the BeWrite real Estate copywriting service, Thanks again Bevan! We will definitely use your services again in the future. Tina O’Connor Licensed Real Estate Agent Raine & Horne Annandale

North West Physiotherapy

For some time I had known that my website needed a complete overhaul. I had spoken with ‘Web Designers’ but they did not have the answers I was seeking. That all changed when I began working with Bevan from BeWrite.  Bevan was the exact person I needed to help me clarify my words and direct my message to my main customers. As well as dramatically improving the written content of my website, Bevan was able to structure it in such a way that was easy to read and flowed from one section to another in a logical manner. My SEO has improved dramatically with my site now routinely appearing in the top 2-3 on Google searches. It is now dynamic, changing and up to date – rather than a static piece of rather boring information. I highly recommend BeWrite for any website copywriting you may be considering. Roger McIntosh, Principal Physiotherapist, North West Physiotherapy.

BOUNCE Back Classes Pty Ltd

Bevan Rigato and BeWrite have been an integral part of our marketing and advertising strategy for several years. Two years ago, Bounce back Active Rehabilitation Systems was in the very early stages of developing promotional material which we believed was crucial to the success of the business. After many false starts with other professionals who promised much but delivered little, Bevan was recommended to us by the CEO of a large company who has successfully utilised his services. From the very initial meeting, Bevan impressed all the Directors with his depth of knowledge on developing marketing/promotional material and his diligent, people friendly manner.The significant growth seen by our company over the past 2 years is directly related to Bevan’s immense skills in writing. Bevan Rigato has become an important and highly valued Consultant to the company and I have no hesitation in recommending his services to any business that needs any type of written material. Trish Wisbey-Roth, Director, Bounce back Active Rehabilitation Systems.

Professional Performance Specialists (PPS)

I have had the pleasure of working with BeWrite on a number of projects. Their promptness in replying to any request means that we can get the job done without the long delays we have previously experienced. On top of this, because they know our industry they present the message we want to give accurately in a user friendly way. Whether it is for website revamp or printed material their work is of an extremely high standard. The key benefit I have is that from a medical perspective they are already very familiar with the physiotherapy industry and what the different market segments desire, this makes it easy to communicate the message we want to this specific market. When working with our written work, BeWrite can take our material and present it in a way which is easy to read, flows with interest and leaves those reading it with a clear understanding of what has been presented to them. If it is marketing material, it often tells a compelling story, grabbing the readers interest and desire to keep reading, eventually resulting in an easy to follow call to action. We’ve always been delighted in their work, you couldn’t make a better choice. BeWrite presents a power packed message with all our marketing material that is easy to read and presented in a sequence that results in a compelling call to action. Use them for your copywriting and you won’t be disappointed. John Davie, Chief Executive Officer, Professional Performance Specialists.

Van Mal Group Construction

Van Mal Group Construction engaged BeWrite to write copy for our new website. We lacked the time to write the copy ourselves and wanted someone who understood our business and the industry we work in, being the building industry. We needed a professional who could just ‘run with it’, while also providing us with the advice, guidance and support we needed in the general development of our website. We chose BeWrite because of the professionalism they presented, their demonstrated knowledge & expertise in the building trades area, and proven experience writing copy for other businesses in a similar field. After Looking at past work that they had completed which was relevant to our industry, we were confident that they would deliver. What surprised us most is just how quickly and easily those results came! Following a brief initial consultation, we outlined the direction we wanted the web copy to take. We provided Bevan with what information we had and in no time at all, they transformed everything into detailed, articulate, clear and precise copy that met each of our goals. BeWrite were highly responsive to our feedback and spared no effort in making sure that the final product was to our utmost satisfaction. At all times, BeWrite were friendly, professional and diligent. For a stress free and easy copywriting experience, we couldn’t recommend BeWrite more highly. Thank you Bevan! We look forward to working with you again in the future. Carla Van Mal, Client Manager, Van Mal Group Construction Pty Ltd.

Good Reading Magazine

Good Reading Magazine first started working with BeWrite in 2006 when we commissioned them on a casual basis to help manage a small project. After the project came to a satisfactory conclusion we then engaged BeWrite to work on substantial new business and marketing opportunity. We are very happy to say that the projects managed by BeWrite, and our association with them has proved to be highly successful. Bevan has continued to achieve great success for us with the results having well surpassed our expectations. This success has had a positive flow on effect of assisting us in a wide range of areas of our business. We continue to leverage growth in this new market area to build on the success of our existing products. This analysis and the success of these projects by BeWrite and Bevan’s input on fresh ideas has also allowed us to invest our time and effort in pursuing and developing new exciting projects. We intend to maintain BeWrite’s ongoing support with our business. BeWrite has become an integral part of our team and will continue to work closely with us at a senior level on many aspects of our business. Bevan’s honesty and respectful attitude coupled with solid experience, understanding, empathy has not only allowed us to achieve great positive growth, but also gives Good Reading Magazine that extra senior person on which to bounce ideas and concepts. I would wholly support and recommend Bevan and BeWrite to any small or medium sized business needing any of the focused and specialist skills of copywriting. Rowena Cseh, Editor & Publisher, Good Reading Magazine.

Parramatta’s Best Cars & 4WDS

In the very competitive Australian used car industry, it is difficult to differentiate yourself from the competition. Parramatta’s Best Cars does this by only selling high-quality product, delivering exemplary service with very personal sales people. We’ve worked with BeWrite over a long period to help with a range of copywriting and professional writing requirements. We continue to work with BeWrite for all areas of professional writing and corporate marketing as Bevan and the team are both understanding and very flexible in managing our unique needs. Paul Behn Director Parramatta’s Best Cars & 4WDS.

iTouch/Buongiorno Australia / New Zealand

We at iTouch/Buongiorno have used the services of BeWrite on a number of occasions in the past two years. The level of professionalism and support that we have received from Bevan has perfectly matched our businesses needs. Whether it be some short snappy lines required to finish off our web-site or brochures, to critically important long copy for user manuals we have always been pleased with their work. The relative ease in which Bevan goes about the brief, draft, iterations and final completed work makes our life easy and BeWrite a pleasure to work with. Thanks and keep up the good work BeWrite. Tim Pagram, Managing Director, ITouch.

Virtual Headquarters

Our web developer referred me to BeWrite as we needed to create a lot of copy for our new website and didn’t have the skills to write for this medium. We had a website design in place and a clear understanding of what we wanted but needed to translate this requirement to a copywriter who could quickly get a grasp on our business model and positively reflect this in words for our target clientele. With just a few calls, BeWrite were able to come to grips with our complex service offerings and delivered the perfect written result for our new site. The words were clear, concise and exactly what we were after. BeWrite was also able to do a significant amount of SEO copywriting for us to maximise our rankings in Google. We needed to create a lot of articles to not only market the range of high quality services for the many different market sectors that we target, but also write these articles for maximum effect for the major internet search engines. BeWrite completed this task quickly and very effectively. We are very happy with the copy we now have on our website and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending BeWrite to any company whether their business is very complex or otherwise. BeWrite has a great business empathy and understanding and are able to quickly and easily get to the point of what is needed, even when you’re not really sure of what this is. Michael Davison, Director, Virtual Headquarters.

Square Edge Design

Thank you Bevan for all you help with the copywriting for our business.  You have been a godsend and we’re not sure what we would have done without your help.  We appreciate everything you have done and look forward to continue working with you in the future. Gil Gurbalkan Square Edge Design.

Total Books Bookkeeping Services

Total Books provides Bookkeeping solutions to Sydney based small-medium enterprises. In an industry where qualifications and experience vary significantly, it was important to differentiate ourselves from unqualified competitors charging less for substandard services. BeWrite helped us communicate our true value to prospective clients. I initially contacted Bevan Rigato to assist with copywriting for a sales brochure. Not only did he provide exceptional copywriting, he took the time to understand our business and industry. We now have a compelling and well written professional brochure, client introductory letter and website overhaul in progress. We have already seen a significant increase in sales, and at this rate our investment in BeWrite will have paid itself off (and more) in less than two months. We intend to use Bevan on an ongoing basis for copywriting. Bevan was very professional throughout all stages of the project, worked hard for our business, and his unique approach exceeded every expectation I had about copywriting. I recommend BeWrite to any business that wants to differentiate itself from the competition and I would be happy to verify the contents of this testimonial verbally if requested. Michael Barilla Managing Director Total Books Bookkeeping Services.

MOSENT Pocket Size Spray Disinfectant

I’ve spent a long time researching and developing a new and exciting product called “Mosent Pocket Size Surface Spray disinfectant”. After many years of hard work, I finally got the product ready to take out to the Australian marketplace. After many attempts at getting my professional documentation in place (not my strong suit), and quite a bit of searching and speaking with many different copywriters, I finally came across Bevan and BeWrite. From the first conversation with Bevan I knew I’d found someone who was not only easy to speak with, but was also able to understand my unique position and had a very good grasp of the issues I faced in this business venture. Bevan and BeWrite reviewed our existing product data sheets and technical documentation so that everything was delivered in a consistent, professional, easy to read and technically useful format. Working with Bevan has given me renewed energy and has helped us move forward in a structured and focused direction. I am very excited about the process of taking this product out to market and the future of Mosent in Australia. I feel like I’ve now got someone I can continue to work with and share ideas as we grow. I would highly recommend Bevan to any business owners who need help with their professional copywriting. Thank you very much Bevan. Peter Rae Director Associated Agencies of Australia Pty Ltd.



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