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Good Newsletters Make A Huge Difference

To stay TOP-OF-MIND, your business needs to regularly communicate with your customers in a professional, yet interesting way. One of the best methods of doing this is through email marketing, and more importantly, electronic newsletters (e-newsletters). Regular effective communication means better awareness, which ultimately means more customers and more revenue!

Making It Simple To Reach Thousands

BeWrite offer a full service / all inclusive electronic newsletter solution allowing you to regularly communicate with your contact database without you having to do a thing. With a professional, world-leading system, interesting original content, and a customised, personalised email, your business will take the next step in e-marketing for an edge on your competitors.

Remember, each monthly email you send requires absolutely NO ADDITIONAL EFFORT FROM YOU, OR YOUR STAFF!

Fully Or Partially Managed – You Choose

The flexible BeWrite newsletter solution can be structured from a full-service solution meaning we do absolutely everything from design (using 100’s of great base templates), through to content creation and distribution, or just provide the interesting content for you to use in your own e-newsletter management system. It’s up to you depending on what capacity you currently have.

How Does It Work?

Every month our expert writing team will write interesting content which is relevant to your customers. We may work with you each month (or plan in advance), specific topics to cover on a monthly basis depending on the type of agreement we have.

If we are providing you with the full-service e-newsletter solution, this information is then packaged into your customised delivery format to be sent to your database from a fantastic looking email that has been expertly setup with your corporate logo, colours and general business (About) information included – plus at least one feature article which we write that can be linked back to your website. 

You’ll be able to access reports on the number of clients reached each month with your email as well as who unsubscribed. The system will manage obsolete / inactive emails for you (to avoid Spam issues). You’ll also get specially generated code that you can incorporate onto your web page to make it easy for your customers to subscribe to your newsletter (bulk contact uploads are also easy to add). There are plenty of other special options available to give you a fully managed electronic newsletter solution to help you remain Top Of Mind.

BeWrite e-newsletters will help your prospects remember who you are when it really counts!

Maximise Your Marketing And Client Retention – With Minimal Resources

BeWrite electronic newsletters are custom tailored to be sent by your own email address to your own supplied database monthly (as agreed). This monthly electronic communication empowers you to engage and retain your targeted contact database with efficient email communications written for your industry.

No Contracts, No Commitments

By using industry leading technology, the BeWrite Newsletter system can achieve an amazing 98-99% deliverability rate, so you can trust that your messages reach your customer inbox. There are absolutely NO LONG-TERM CONTRACTS, allowing you to quickly start your regular professionally client communication without having to do any additional work!

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