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Survey of 600 Agents Shows Property Copywriting As A Top Property Marketing Tool

March 2013

65% Of Respondents Indicate Property Copywriting As Important For Property Marketing

In a recent survey of real estate agents, copywriting was identified as a highly important part of a realtor’s property marketing tools. National property photography company, Top Snap, recently asked over 600 Australian Real Estate agents questions about property marketing. Whilst the survey indicated respondents highly valued photography, it also revealed that 65% of respondents indicated that copywriting was an important part of successfully marketing a property.

Copywriting Cuts Across All Marketing Mediums

The survey also asked real estate agents about their preferred mediums for property marketing. The use of brochures and agency websites came out on top, followed in descending order by, signboards, online listing sites, local newspapers, letterbox drops, window displays and

Social media marketing was also considered significant, with 63% of real estate agents using Facebook to market listings and 36% using Twitter. In each of these mediums, copywriting is a key linking factor. As an investment then, it is vital to get it right. Click here to read about BeWrite Real Estate Property Copywriting.

Engage The Buyer Or Lose Them

Powerful property copy is thoughtfully written so that it can be skim read and easily understood, with enough detail to interest the prospective buyer to seek more detail. A professional real estate copywriter will deliver copy that mixes great verbal imagery with a clear explanation of the benefits of the property, and an accurate description of the features, without too much unnecessary fluff. Click here to download BeWrite's Property Copywriting Packages.

BeWrite, Your Inner-West Property Copywriting Experts

Just as it is important to invest in good photography for property marketing success, without good copywriting you risk your marketing investment and potentially deflate the positive aspects of the property. BeWrite offers a range of property copywriting services to help you maximise your marketing plans. Contact BeWrite for more information, or visit the website and learn more about BeWrite’s real-estate property copywriting services.

How's Your Customer Communication?

Do you maintain regular and interesting communication with your customers and prospects? As you know, vendors and buyers regularly change address, meaning that over time, they are likely to become potential customers for you.

Electronic Newsletters That Make A Difference

E-Newsletters are an ideal way to maintain communication with your database at low cost. However, if these emails aren't well structured, then you risk going to SPAM or being pushed into the Trash folder. BeWrite copywriters are experts in creating interesting content that will interest your past customers and future prospects. With an excellent electronic newsletter platform that allows you to securely manage your database, enable new customers to sign-up online, track clicks and opens and more, you'll take your client communications to a whole new level. Click here to read more on the BeWrite electronic newsletter service.

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