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Are you planning a new business website and wondering if you should invest in a Sydney copywriter service?  It can be tempting to shift that cost to another marketing bucket.  There’s no question you know your business better than a stranger, but when it comes to online marketing it takes a special talent to connect with today’s savvy online customer.  

When creating web content, the challenge is getting web pages in front of people searching for products or services you offer. Unless you are schooled in the art of search engine optimisation, or SEO, chances that your homespun page content end up in front of potential visitors is very low.   Hiring an SEO-savvy Sydney copywriter accomplishes two goals: relevant page content and visibility in search indexes.

Why SEO?

There are hundreds of thousands of websites on the Internet and new ones are popping up every day.  In any given niche, there are thousands of web pages.  When you launch your site and toss it into the pile, how do people find it?  A Sydney copywriter with a background in SEO content writing is a key ingredient to achieving high page ranking.

Part of the solution is to optimize each page for search. This technique is referenced as search engine optimization and the result after a search is called the search engine results page.  Your goal is to get your web pages on the first page of the search engine results. 

Why Care So Much About Search Results?

Today there are two big players in the Internet search market: Google and Bing.  All others are minor players.   At the moment, around 80% of all web searches are done using Google.  Although this could change in the future, Google is known for its tenacity, continually updating its algorithms to make its searches more effective.  This is why creating content that lets Google know you’re there is a good long-term strategy.  

As search engines change the rules of ranking, your website can maintain a high position in search results only by continually producing fresh page content.  Search engine optimization is not a “do it once and done” marketing strategy.  That’s like placing a sign up on a busy city street and ignoring all the others that go up in front of it blocking it from the view of passers-by.  The job of your Sydney copywriter is to keep your “sign” or web pages out in front of the competition.  

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